Welcome to SwingerGaarden

~ The biggest swingers club in western zealand of Denmark ~



SwingerGaarden is a unique and adult lifestyle club located in the serene countryside of Denmark in western Zealand.
The club offers a space for spa & wellness as well as it serves as playground for open-minded adult swingers to explorer their sexual liberation and consensual plays.

Atmosphere and Setting: The club is renowned for its discreet yet inviting ambiance. Tucked away in the Danish countryside, SwingerGaarden offers a serene and private setting that allows guests to escape from the everyday and immerse themselves in a unique social experience.


- Getting to SwingerGaarden

SwingerGaarden is situated in the Danish countryside, near the town of Slagelse on the island of Zealand.

Most visitors choose to drive to SwingerGaarden. If you're coming from Copenhagen, take the E20 highway westward towards Slagelse. From there, follow the directions provided to reach the club. Alternatively, you can maybe arrange transportation with fellow club members if available.

Drive time from Copenhagen: ~1 hour
Drive time from Kolding (Jutland) ~1.5 hour

Our address is:
Kindertofte skolevej 2, 4200 Slagelse (see map in bottom of page)


- Planning your stay

We do not offer accommodation. If you plan to stay overnight or require accommodations, there is nearby hotels in the town of Slagelse.

We do have a parkinglot, where you can park a minicamper, but as many nights are crowded, please talk with us in advance so we can help you plan and ensure a space.


- Important: About gaining entrance and code of conduct

You must be 21 years or older to gain entry.

We have different membership options, but you will typically not be needing that for a single visit. Contact us directly for inquires about membership options.

Familiarize yourself with SwingerGaarden's specific rules and guidelines. These include dress codes, behavior expectations, and respect for boundaries. Failure to follow these rules can result in expulsion from the club.

Respect and Consent: We are NOT a sexclub (!!!) Consent is paramount at SwingerGaarden. Always respect the boundaries and desires of others. Engaging in any sexual activity without explicit consent is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate expulsion.

Due note: Only english and danish are allowed to be spoken within the club.



  Men Women Couple
All days 250,- 150,- 300,-
Trial membership* 100,- 100,- 100,-

* Prices are in DKK.
* To save the trial membership, you MUST have an active profile and it MUST contain an image of recognition (in danish called "genkendelighedsbilled") that verifies the profile belongs to you.




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